About the project

My first project is the new build of 3 x 2 bedroom terraced houses on the site of a couple of existing garages, parking and garden space. Check out the plans here: Proposed plans and elevations

The site is located behind a couple of mixed use (shops and residential) buildings within a small parade of shops. All this is made much more personal as, like many other first generation British-Indians, I grew up living above a couple of these shops and climbing one of the old trees which would have sat in house #3’s kitchen.

I’ve always had an interest in design so was keen to create these homes from the outset myself, focussing on functional use of space within desirable living areas, all whilst trying to maximise profitability of the site. Of course, this was made all the trickier with no formal training in building design, but with a tonne of research, great advice from some very patient people and support for technical aspects, I created a smart set of plans to get started on and formed a great team to do it with.

Although quite an ambitious first project, I’m planning to use conventional bricks and mortar for construction. I love the idea of using newer and more eco-friendly methods and technologies (SIPs, steel frame, timber, concrete, etc.) but the plan is to learn the basics before starting to experiment with what is still surprisingly foreign to the majority of builders.

Now I’ve set the scene, we can get on to setting up the site!

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