Building Blox: Week 22 – Plaster skimming and first tour inside!

What we did:

  • Plaster skimming

After putting up the plasterboards, we moved on to ‘skimming’ them, applying a thin coat of plaster. This is when I think the inside comes to life! I also give my first tour inside!

Plastering vs ‘skimming’

When finishing the internal walls of a building, plasterboards are fixed on to the structural (usually masonry) walls and partition (usually timber) walls. A thin coat of skimming plaster, made from Gypsum, such as by British Gypsum is then applied to this to give a smooth finish which can then be painted. The term plastering is a more general term, including both fixing plasterboards and skimming, so depending on what you need doing, you should clarify what you need! Here’s a handy explanation.

You’ve probably all seen how the plaster is applied. I tried skimming my garage once – definitely a trade which looks easier than it is!

The walls take on some character

For me, this is when the building started to really take life, with smooth textures and colours running along the vast walls. Part of me wanted to leave the walls with this lovely finish, especially given the contrast created when bright light from the Veluxes fall on them – you’ll see what I mean in the pics!

The first tour

Now the internal layouts have been done and the houses have taken on some life, I thought it’s time to give you the first tour inside!

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